Salient Features

Company Pak Gen (Private) Company
Capacity 365 MW (Gross)
Location Mehmood Kot, Muzaffargarh, Punjab
Fuel Residual Furnace Oil (RFO)
Technology Oil-Fired Stream Turbine
Plant Configuration 1x365 MW steam turbine
Power Purchaser WAPDA
Fuel Supplier PSO
Term of the PPA 30 Years
Registered Address PakGen Thermal Power Station Near Mohammed Kot Muzaffargarh PC 34200

Important Milestones

Submission of Application
Issuance of Letter of Interest (LOI) June 22, 1994
Issuance of Letter of Support (LOS) August 24, 1994
Date of Financial Closing January 5, 1996
Commissioning Date February 1, 1998
Net / Dependable Capacity 350 MW

Contractual Agreements

Implementation Agreement September 24, 1994
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) September 5, 1995
Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA) September 7, 1995
GOP Guarantee January 5, 1996