The caretaker Minister for Power Syed Ali Zafar visited

 Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB)


The interim government is committed to ensure that the two months are not wasted, rather processes to achieve self-reliance in electricity should be initiated so that the coming government can easily take over from there. Further the energy projects should be facilitated by PPIB in achieving various milestones leading to their successful implementation. This was stated by the caretaker Minister for Power Syed Ali Zafar on his visit to the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB). The Honorable Minister was briefed by the Managing Director PPIB Mr. Shah Jahan Mirza that due to proactive approach of PPIB, power generation projects of 6,420 MW have been added to the national grid during 2017-18 while another twenty four (24) power generation projects of 14,000 MW which are based on HYDRO, RLNG and COAL are under pipeline from which majority of projects are either under construction or under Financial Closing. 


The Minister was further briefed that PPIB is encouraging addition of affordable electricity hence prioritizing hydro and local coal resources for power generation while promoting imported coal based power generation as a reliable base load solution. Currently PPIB is implementing two robust policy frameworks namely Power Generation Policy 2015 and Policy Framework for Private Sector Transmission Line Projects 2015    which offer market competitive incentives and simplified procedures for the investors. The Minister was informed that current target of PPIB is to complete nine projects of 8,200 MW by 2018 while 14,000 MW by 2021 out of which 6,420 MW have already been commissioned while six (6) projects of 4,395 MW are under construction, five (5) projects of 2,803 MW are under Financial Closing stage and one (1) project of 300 MW is currently under tariff determination stage. 


In the detailed presentation given to the Honorable Minister on PPIB's achievements and current activities, the Minister was briefed that since its inception in 1994 PPIB has so far provided thirty seven (37) power generation projects of 15,469 MW of around US$ 17 billion FDI which are playing crucial role in fulfilling country’s electricity demand. Renowned power sector players of the world participated and invested billions of dollars in these projects. Initially PPIB was mandated to implement power generation projects in the private sector, however, appreciating IPPs model for implementation of projects and bringing transparency and efficiency in the implementation and operation of private sector projects, role of PPIB has been further expanded by allowing it to facilitate public sector projects in IPP mode for which PPIB’s Act has been amended in November 2015. Furthermore, in a bid to remove major bottleneck in the development of power projects through provinces, particularly the small hydro projects, PPIB has also been mandated to issue tripartite Letters of Support for projects being processed by provinces to encourage development of small to medium power projects based on local resources.


PPIB has also been assigned important task to act as a frontrunner institution in implementation of flagship China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) initiative to process major chunk of energy projects. Under this task, PPIB is implementing twelve (12) power generation projects of 10,934 MW and one transmission line project from which two projects of 2,640 MW have already been materialized. While briefing on the CPEC, the MD PPIB stated that CPEC has been instrumental in achieving historical breakthrough in the energy history of Pakistan whereby the country's coal reserves at Thar are being developed having coal mining and power generation projects of which 660 MW power generation and coal mining project has already started construction at site. PPIB did not lag behind in implementing transmission line project in the country which is quite essential in interconnecting upcoming power plants which are located in the southern parts of country. Accordingly, first time in Pakistan, PPIB has been facilitating ±660 kV Matiari-Lahore HVDC Transmission Line Project under the CPEC framework. This Project is not only first transmission line project being developed by the private sector but it will also be first ever HVDC transmission line in Pakistan.


The Honorable Minister expressed his satisfaction on the performance of PPIB and advised to continue performing efficiently. He advised PPIB to expedite initiation of transmission line projects and to give suggestions to address the circular debt issue.




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