Khawaja Muhammad Asif

Federal Minister for Water and Power / Chairman PPIB  


It hardly needs to be emphasized that electricity is the lifeline of national economy and the people at large. Today, Pakistan is facing acute energy shortage, which is causing tremendous pressure on our economy and society. The Water & Coal resources are abundantly available across the country. Apart from other available resources, hydro resources alone can generate over 60,000 MW electricity which is not only cheaper but also reliable and environment friendly, while 175 billion tons of Thar coal reserves are enough to fuel power plants with 100,000 MW of capacity for over 100 years.


Due to previous governments' negligence, many sectors are suffering badly, the power sector  being one of them. Resultantly, the nation is facing shortage of around 5,000 MW and unbearable power cuts. The focus of our government has always been on the upheaval of the economy by initiating various development projects. Unfortunately we are now inheriting the worst ever power crisis witnessed in Pakistan. God Almighty has again given us a chance to serve for betterment of the people of Pakistan and to pull them out of this situation, being a high challenging task. We have already chalked out a comprehensive strategy comprising short, medium and long term measures. This will require effective and sustainable solutions which must be undertaken in a coordinated manner; not just plan to fill the gap of over 6000 MW that exists presently, but plan for the increased demand that growing population and the development of economy will generate. However, besides state's responsibility to arrange additional megawatts, as a nation, we also need to adopt energy conservation means to contribute towards minimizing un-necessary use of electricity.


We are aware of the fact that like any other infrastructure, the development of power infrastructure requires massive investments. However, due to the limited means in the public sector, it is necessary to mobilize private sector resources. The private sector investors will come only if they get reasonable return on their investment, plus an investor friendly environment. We realize the importance and value of vision for developing the electricity industry in a planned, phased and sustained manner towards clear-cut goals, and our government is committed to facilitate overseas as well as local investors and are working on improved power policies to attract investment in this vital sector.

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