Omar Ayub Khan
Federal Minister of Energy (Power Division)/
Chairman, Private Power & Infrastructure Board (PPIB)

Minister's Profile

Pakistan has abundant natural and renewable resources like hydro, coal, wind and solar. Had this potential been utilized in the past, our country would have been self-reliant in generating affordable electricity. Just adding megawatts is not the way out of the energy crisis, the real solution lies in generating affordable and less expensive electricity.


It is a fact that despite addition to the power generation capacity, the country's power sector is facing major challenges of sustainability and affordability. The prime objective of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Government under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan would be to achieve sustainability in the system. Our government is set to implement a comprehensive energy policy covering all elements of the energy supply chain, demand management, pricing policy and sustainability for better functioning of the sector.


We know that the networks in the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) and most of the distribution companies (Discos) are not adequate to transmit and distribute electricity under different system conditions. We need to augment our transmission facilities based on latest technologies to avoid line losses, ensure efficient supply of electricity to far-flung areas and incorporate off grid solutions. Furthermore, in order to reduce the consumer-end tariff, multi-pronged strategies are needed to be adopted. We would also be introducing a modern regulatory regime encouraging market competition, ensuring best prices and services for the consumers. We need to learn from the international experiences, customize them to our conditions and make use of technological advancement to improve both efficiency and reliability of our power sector to get rid of the menace of circular debt.


We are aware of the fact that like any other infrastructure, the development of power infrastructure requires continual sizeable investments. However, due to the limited means in the public sector, it is necessary to mobilize private sector resources. The Government of Pakistan expects that the private sector will play a larger role in development of the power sector. We understand that the private sector investors will invest in an investor friendly environment and the availability of a policy framework that is well aligned with international standards and practices. We realize the importance and value of a clear vision for developing the electricity industry in a planned, phased and sustained manner towards clear-cut goals. Our government is committed to facilitate overseas as well as local investors and working on improvement in power policies and simplification of project implementation procedure to attract investment in a transparent and efficient manner.

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